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About Dana

I am unapologetically: queer, trans non-binary, fat, disabled, and neurodivergent. I work from a social justice framework and embrace intersectionality and cultural humility.

In order to be neurodiversity-affirming, it is necessary to question a lot of what Western culture says is "normal." Embracing autistic identity is a natural extension of feminism, LGBTQIA rights, disability justice, Black Lives Matter, etc.

I am passionate about helping individuals unpack internalized oppression and the ways it contributes to mental health.

Existing with a marginalized identity is traumatic, and if therapy doesn't include healing trauma rooted in systemic oppression, it is incomplete.

I am a Registered Drama Therapist through the North American Drama Therapy Association.

I have a background in English Literature, Theatre, and Performance Studies.

Qualifications: MA, RDT

Experience in years: 5

Pronouns: They / Them

Gender and/or Sexuality: Trans Non-binary / Genderfluid

Race and/or Ethnicity: White - Northern and Eastern European

Neurodivergence(s): Autistic / ADHD / complex PTSD / Dyspraxia

Additional Disabilities: Auditory Processing Difficulties / Visual Impairment

Practitioner works with clients in these locations:

Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America.

About Drama Therapy

Hello! I am excited to work with you.

I became a mental health professional due to the harm I experienced in the mental health system. I am committed to providing affirming healthcare to marginalized individuals.

Social inequalities and cultural stigma can create a lot of stress and trauma. I want to help you figure out where you have agency, and how to build self-confidence in who you are. We can also brainstorm around self-advocacy, stress management, and self-care.

As a Drama Therapist, I have experience as a theatre artist, and can use those tools as a part of our work. This might include: sound and movement, gesture, storytelling, role play, metaphor, or mindfulness techniques.

Drama Therapy is a way to harness the therapeutic potential of the arts as a means of insight and change.

We can combine artistic expression with verbal processing. This can be especially helpful for anyone who experiences periods of non-speaking. It also provides a different, often richer, avenue for understanding your life experience.

You don't need any experience with theatre or drama, and what we do might often look on the surface like a traditional talk therapy session. Yet, my experience with theatre and drama is always informing how I understand what it means to be human.

I pull from a variety of creative and expressive forms based on your needs and interests. This could include visual art, music and songwriting, poetry, creative writing, or even looking at fictional character archetypes which you relate to strongly.

If you struggle to put your experience into words, if you experience intense emotions or bodily sensations, or you feel "stuck" and don't know why, Drama Therapy might be able to help!


Drama Therapy with Dana Sayre


Session Fees: €85 per session

Free initial consult: Yes

Cancellation Policy: Cancel or reschedule with 48 hours notice to avoid being charged