Meet Jasper

Hello, my name is Jasper [he/him], and I’m really excited to be an associate practitioner with Thriving Autistic.

As a coach, I help individuals to understand the process of (and helping to apply for) the Personal Independent Payment (PIP) UK disability benefit, as well as Disability Allowance (DA) for those in Ireland.

I have an MSc in Clinical Neuropsychology, so I have a strong professional medical background, which has really helped with understanding the complexity of my own and other people's conditions when applying for disability benefits.

As a Deaf, autistic wheelchair user, I know first-hand how stressful applying for disability benefits can be.

As well as helping with filling in the application form, I can offer insight from my personal and professional experience, including breaking down all the medical jargon, explaining how best to convey answers, as well as to prepare for assessment, and supporting individuals throughout the whole process.

I want to make consultations as accessible as possible because it is really important to me that individuals are comfortable in the sessions and understand all the information.

All sessions will have a BSL interpreter, but if there are any access needs, please let me know, and I am very flexible to adapting to any requirements!

Specialism: Neuropsychology, Accessibility & Disability Benefits

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Important notes on booking a session with Jasper:

Jasper does not accept emails in advance of sessions. If you wish to work with Jasper for your post-identification support session then please click the link above and fill out Jasper's form. Jasper or his assistant will then contact you to arrange a booking.

Please note that Jasper is extremely booked up in advance and session availability will be a minimum of 2 weeks from your request. Once the process has started, please respond to any requests for information in a timely manner to avoid disappointment. Emergency booking requests will be at Jasper’s discretion.

As Jasper has to hire an interpreter in advance for each consultation, he is not able to facilitate reschedules or cancellations at short notice. If you need to cancel, he will request you pay him in full for another session.


If you choose a consultation with Jasper, please note that a BSL interpreter as well as Jasper's personal assistant will have access to your information. Your information will be stored securely in accordance with UK privacy guidelines.