Orna Little

About Orna

Hi! My name is Orna. I am a qualified life coach specialising in Neurodivergent clients of all types. I myself am autistic and have ADHD, and my own journey with those helps me to better connect with and understand my clients. My goal as a coach is to help other ND people to find both the fun and the peace that we all deserve in life.

Neurodivergence: Autistic and ADHD

The Structure

Coaching can help you to:

1. Build structure & systems in your life
2. Achieve specific tasks or goals
3. Process how being ND affects your life, especially in the time after diagnosis
4. Find & build healthy coping systems for managing difficult situations
5. Find the joy & fun in your life

6. Find your passions & purpose

My style of coaching involves:

1. Listening to you

2. Giving you space to process and work through ideas

3. Helping you to hear your own voice within

4. Moving you forward through goals & actions (that you choose and set)

5. Supporting that forward movement

Consultation sessions are free and last about 20-30 mins to see if we'd be a good fit for each other. Full sessions are typically 1 hour long and 1-2 weeks apart depending on your needs and what we're working on.

Sessions can be booked for Mon-Wed, with both morning and evening times available.


Neurodivergent Life Coaching with
Orna Little


Session Fees:
€50 per hour

Free initial consult:

Cancellation Policy: 
Free cancellation if 48 hours notice is given