Paul McManus

About Paul

My own diagnosis of ADHD at the age of 55 allowed me to finally understand that my inability to do the things everyone else seemed able to do wasn't because I was lazy or weak-willed or thick. It was simply that my brain worked differently. Not worse, differently. And so I gave up a successful career in advertising and started an MSc in Psychotherapy (which I would have considered myself incapable of before my diagnosis). I am acutely aware of what living with an invisible difference means, and of the difficulties that difference creates - for ourselves and for others. I spent my life being judged harshly by others - but even more harshly by myself. I don't do judgement anymore.

Psychotherapy Counselling Relationship Counselling

Specialising in NT/ND couples Group Therapy Online or face-to-face in Central London


Neurodivergent-Affirmative Counselling and Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples


Session Fees:
£80 per 50-minute session for individuals;
£100 per 75-minute session for couples

Cancellation Policy: Free with one week's notice of cancellation, otherwise payment is due unless we can schedule an alternative session the same week.