Meet Tara

Tara O'Donnell-Killen

Hi there! I’m Tara, founder of Thriving Autistic. You’ve come to the perfect place if you're neurodivergent and looking for support to help you thrive in life. 

I've been fascinated with how our minds work, and how to help people thrive my whole life.

I hold a Master of Science Degree in Applied Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology and have been supporting people 1-1, and in groups and workshops for over 20 years.

Being a parent to amazing, fantastic autistic children along with discovering my own neurodivergence as an adult has brought so much freedom and meaning to my life.

Thriving Autistic is firmly rooted in both the science of positive psychology along with the rights of all people to thrive. We embrace neurodiversity wholeheartedly and appreciate that while challenges and difficulties do of course exist for those of us whose brains and sensory systems run different to the majority, we also have unique strengths that can serve us in overcoming challenges and finding ways to thrive in our lives.

Photo of Tara O'Donnell Killen