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Hi, I understand the desire to progress occupationally, as a business owner, as an employee or as a freelancer. And I am aware of the complexities and stresses of keeping all different things going at the same time, or for a long time, to realise accomplishments.

Moreover, I know that it can seem incredibly difficult to have a balanced and enjoyable life of work, study, relationships, family, leisure and pleasure. Having ADHD or ADD can add an extra layer of challenge when managing projects, managing yourself, enjoying good relationships, and keeping others happy, - all of that as well as successfully crossing your own finishing lines is a difficult undertaking.

This coaching program is designed for you if you want to find strategies, tactics and processes for life and work. The program is tailored to you as an individual and is not an off-the-peg product. The 8 sessions can be taken either weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. There are 5-minute worksheets to complete, and there will be agreed actions for you to take between sessions that are related to your actual life and current situations (not homework for the sake of homework).

You are welcome to join the program for another 8 sessions if you are finding this coaching a very effective aid and one that is bringing results.

You may be at a stage of life where you have been ill or stressed and you welcome the introduction of my energy to help you get back up on your emotional feet. Or you might be overwhelmed or busy and, on a practical level, need someone to take up some of the structure around you to keep on track. You may have self-doubt, and embarking on this program can be about finding your strengths and making some triumphs again in order to rebuild self-belief and personal confidence. It could be that you want to make life more streamlined and easier for those that you love, and getting your stuff sorted out is one big part of that. Or, you may have reached a crucial point in your life or work and now is the time that it is very important to be making a commitment and to be staying accountable around choices and actions.

** The program is for adults (over 18) ** The program is a package of a block of 8 sessions, each one being 70 minutes in duration.

** Sessions can be taken every 1, 2, or 4 weeks, and all sessions will be used within a 12 month period.

** Availability is from 9 am until 9 pm on weekdays.

What can we do?

We can address issues that are preventing you from reaching your potential in your life, work, and relationships. We talk and identify the challenges that you are having in the situations you are actually facing in your life right now (and which may also be struggles that have been themes throughout your life). We figure out where the difficulties are and set to work on finding answers, solutions, and guides.

You may be interested in the following outcomes and processes:

● Finding workarounds for inconsistent attention
● Becoming organised
● Addressing important things
● Using time better
● Managing negative arousal and frustration
● Finding strategies for remembering
● Setting the right goals
● Being self-motivated
● Completing projects
● Doing what you say you will do
● Problem-solving strategies
● Reducing the amount of times you lose things
● Making useable schedules
● Dealing with procrastination
● Working flexibly but not erratically
● Achieving goals
● Taking care of yourself and your property
● Being readily prepared for future events
● Analysing effectively to make good choices
● Remembering to relax and attend to loved ones
● Shifting attention between tasks
● Estimating time effectively
● Activating yourself to get started
● Sustaining motivation or momentum
● Prioritising usefully
● Not losing sight of important things

For the sessions in your package you can use a booking link to book yourself directly into my calendar. Or, if you prefer, we can arrange meet-up dates and times, either over email, or at the end of each session.

If you can see that this type of coaching could help you in your life, relationships, or business, and you have queries prior to booking, you can email me If you’d like a 15 minute video call to get the feel of me first, you can use this link to book yourself directly into my calendar If you would like to buy a single session before committing to the program package, that's okay and one initial single session is 95 Euro for 70 minutes. You can then dive in and see straight away how it will be and what usefulness this will have for you.

Cancellation Policy: To help me to manage my own life satisfactorily I use an appointment system. I use a digital calendar with a reminder system that you can sign up to. Apart from rare one-off emergencies, sessions cancelled within 48 hours will incur the full fee. If you feel this may become a problem we can talk about it while we are discussing whether to agree to work together.

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My Qualifications: MSc Psychotherapy, Certified Cybertherapist, Certified Transactional Analyst. Post Grad Diploma Counselling. Certificate Coaching.

Experience in years: 20

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Offers a free consult: Yes

Cancellation Policy: To help me to manage my diary in a way that I can see everyone, I use an appointment system. Apart from one-off emergencies, sessions cancelled within 48 hours will incur the full fee. The reason is that I would have been committed to doing that session with you, and would have allocated time to it. Therefore I would have prevented other people from booking that session, and the short cancellation time means it is too late to offer the session to someone else. If you feel unsure about this or would like to discuss this rule, we can talk about it while we are discussing whether to agree to work together.

ADHD Coaching Package with Vauna Beauvais

Package Details: 8 sessions, 70 minutes per session, worksheets included.

Package fees: €950

Free consult: yes

Cancellation policy: 48 hours notice