Have you recently discovered that you’re Autistic? Would you like to learn more about your neurotype and discuss what it means for you in a supportive group with other newly identified Autistic adults?

Our 6-week online programme aims to offer support, resources and community building for Autistic people and help you in answering the myriad of questions being late-identified can bring.

How does it work?

Meeting once a week for 6 weeks, we’ll co-curate the plan, looking at different themes each time with plenty of space for discussion. Whether you are formally- or self-identified, you are very welcome!

During the first session, participants have the opportunity to hear from each other about their journey identifying as Autistic. There’s then the chance to vote for which subjects feel most relevant to cover in future sessions. We continually update our course to enhance learning and discussion on topics such as masking, sensory experiences, emotional regulation, self-advocacy and beyond.

Short videos (up to 15 minutes) will be provided ahead of each session so that you can start to engage with the topic and have some time to process ahead of a live discussion. There’ll be plenty of space to ask questions and share experiences.

Participation is entirely optional and self-directed - you can choose to engage verbally or through chat or simply observe if you prefer. We also provide supplementary materials for further reading on each subject.

Join us for this enriching and informative experience, where you can meet others and delve into concerns that are important to you.

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